Entertainment Buildings Services

Our Services

Creative Systems combines a demonstrated background in programming, planning and architectural design disciplines with hands-on experience in theatre technologies planning, engineering & design, technical direction and production management.
Services range from initial planning and programming through the design and documentation of all theatrical systems including audio-video-lighting-rigging-automation systems design to the management and construction administration of each project.
Creative Systems’ projects include opera houses, professional repertory theatres, concert halls, performing arts training facilities, museums, planetariums, popular entertainment venues in theme parks, casinos, cruise ships and night clubs.

Our Services includes:

  • Design & Planning
  • Facility Management
  • Building Maintenance
  • Equipment Supply

Design & Planning

Creative Systems’ Theatre Designers take a comprehensive and detailed approach to designing performance spaces. From the earliest conversations to opening night and beyond, we provide expert service in all aspects of both new and renovation projects of theatres and entertainment venues.

Our services include:

  • Structural, Electrical and Mechanical Requirements
  • Advice on systems to compliant with legal italian standards and regulations
  • Consultancy in the development and definition of supply specifications
  • Integration of Sound and Audio-Video Systems
  • Stage Configurations
  • Control over contractors concerning their own health and safety arrangements
  • Rigging and Automation Systems
  • On Stage Life-Safety Systems
  • Audience and Backstage Circulation
  • Backstage Support Facilities

Facility Management

Creative Systems can provide consultancy and management control on the operational routine of theatres, overseeing all building-related programs and procedures that support the Facilities standards of clean, safe, and in good repair. From inspections in support of the Theatre Clean Up Program to schedule overview, from maintenance routine and ripairs to constant attention to all life safety issues, our Facility Managers put their efforts and experience to make the whole theater work precisely and efficiently.

Creative Systems provides:

  • On-site detailed inspection and facility evaluation
  • Liaison with Architect, Contractors and renovation commitee to facilitate renovation projects
  • Public entertainment licence according to Italian legislation
  • Consultancy and support during Vigilance Committees audits
  • Management of the Theatre’s variable operating expenses for maintenance, repairs and supplies
  • Training for venue personnel: maintenance technicians, show technicians, FOH employee
  • Supervision of the whole technical production staff work and schedule
  • Health and Safety Audits to ensure compliance with current legislation

Building Maintenance

Creative Systems has been providing maintenance and support for theatre buildings and entertainment venues since 2004. Whether your venue is a small theatre or a big venue, you can take advantage of our planned preventative maintenance programs and on-call expertise to resolve unexpected problems. Regular servicing are essential to keep breakdowns to a minimum, extend the working life of the equipment, reduce hazardous situations that could eventually develop into life-safety issues.

Our Building Maintenance services includes:

  • Maintenance procedures: building, technological systems, equipment
  • Planned theatre maintenance programmes
  • Development of routine systems to guarantee constant monitoring of critical areas in theatre
  • Inpection and review of the theatre emergency systems
  • Lighting, Sound, Automation maintenance programmes
  • Management of the Theatre’s variable operating expenses for maintenance, repairs and supplies
  • On-site detailed inspection, safety issues reports, maintenance recommendations
  • Rigging system evaluation and maintenance

Equipment Supply

Creative Systems designs and supplies high-specification mechanical, automation, lighting, sound &video systems for opera houses, theatres, concert halls, performing arts training facilities, museums and entertainment venues in general. We work with leading manufacturers and distributors of professional equipment, to give the highest quality standards to the locations we set up. Working in very close contact with Architects, Engineers and Designers we create complex setup, while keeping in mind issues of safety and cost.

Our workforce includes expertise in:

  • Stage machinery
  • Rigging systems
  • Wired and wireless communication systems
  • Sound, Lighting & Video equipment
  • Control systems