Technical Management

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Creative Systems’ Technical Managers and Directors are responsible for the overall organization of the technical production process: they ensure all necessary materials are in stock, figure out the budget, plan and supervise load-in and strike as well as meet with staff to ensure all technical needs are met.
Our Technical Managers and Directors have the daily responsibility for the technical operations including lighting, sound, set design and construction, coordinating necessary maintenance and assisting designers and artists with technical matters. Often, the TD has a greater insight into materials and techniques than the designer, and so can see and correct issues before they come on stage: this means a considerable money saving, and this is the reason why our technical directors are more often prominent figures inside Production Teams.
Our services includes:

  • Technological Strategy and Development Procedures
  • Draft and Control of Production Budgets
  • Scouting and Evaluation of New Technologies
  • Overview of the Technical Design
  • Documentation Process
  • Set and Stage construction Management & Supervision
  • Technical Risk Assessment & Mitigation Plans

Creative Systems Technical Managers roles & responsabilities:

Technical features

Creative Systems’ Technical Managers put all their experience and expertise in order to:

  • Ensure teams follow the correct procedures, policies and documentation requirements
  • Guide the team through the development, testing and implementation stages
  • Provide direction and technical expertise in design, development and systems integration
  • Solve technical problems to provide an efficient environment for project implementation
  • Identify resource and equipment requirements and manage software and hardware availability
  • Provide technical training to teams when required and serve as a technical mentor to team members
  • Ensure that organizations have effective occupational health and safety systems in place
  • Develop preferred rigging procedures for efficient operation and safe installation/removal of loads, according to engineers instructions

Managerial features

Our Technical Managers Team takes care of:

  • Ensuring standard operating procedures and project guidelines are in place
  • Task allocation and performance evaluation of team members
  • Project scheduling and resource management
  • Planning, budgeting and reporting on projects
  • Project status presentation and reports
  • Meeting with client teams and gathering requirements, conducting regular team meetings and tracking project progress
  • Interviewing candidates and hiring resources
  • Conducting performance reviews of team members and identifying areas of improvement
  • Providing an efficient working atmosphere to project teams and ensuring objectives are met within stipulated time