Our Services

Our Engineering Team features experts in analysis and design of structures, mechanical systems and automation, electric and electronic systems for performance venues, entertainment productions, local and international touring, and much more.
We work for designing and building structures, stages and sets that meet current building codes and the requirements defined in the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE, with a special care to health & safety issues.
Our entertainment buildings’ engineering services include analysis, design and certification of structural, electrical and mechanical systems.

Our Engineers intervention strategy includes:

  • Temporary Structures
  • Rigging Systems
  • Venue Certification
  • Stage Mechanical Design & Automation
  • Design and Certification of Electrical & Electronic Systems

Temporary Structures

Creative Systems’ Engineering Team provides analysis and design of large temporary structures, structural certification of existing touring structures, special effects analysis, design and analysis of large show rigs for touring, events, live shows.

We use design criteria that meets current building codes and the requirements defined in the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE. Our range of engineering services extends to roof systems, stages and platforms, portable grandstands and bleacher systems.

Our Engineering Team provides also truss element and system design, development of their respective capacities for uniformly distributed loads or individual point loads and custom load configurations, for both new and existing systems.

Rigging Systems

Our engineers and head riggers can provide rigging plans to manage the largest and most complex rigging needs in entertaiment venue buildings, with a specific attention to safety issues. Creative Systems provides safe and reliable rigging solutions and services, like:

  • Rigging Systems engineering, Load Calculations and consultation
  • Coordination and negotiation of all rigging labor, equipment, lifts, and services
  • Motor load testing, certification and maintenance
  • Truss Inspection and Certification
  • Rigging Safety Process
  • Liaison with local labor and production team

Venue Certification

Venue related services include design and analysis of performance spaces, usually related to the use of them as a stage-house or a technical support space. Creative Systems provides design and analysis of both new and existing performance spaces. Our services include:

  • Site visits, review of existing documents, gathering of documents from public and private entities
  • Development of venue allowable load plans
  • Development of preferred rigging procedures for efficient operation and safe installation/removal of loads
  • On-site marking and identification of the venues’ rigging systems
  • Structural modifications planning
  • Rigging Systems maintenance

Mechanical Design & Automation

Creative Systems designs and supplies industrial-standard, high-specification mechanical and automation systems for a wide range of clients and final users for concert touring, Theatre, Entertainment venues,TV and film applications. We have extensive experience incorporating a full range of automation options into scenic elements.

Our workforce includes expertise in:

  • Electrical & mechanical research, design and development
  • Stage Automation programming and control systems
  • Site management and installation
  • Power & performer flying systems
  • Integrated stage safety and additional safety procedures