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The specialists in stage lifting
and movement technology

Whether it’s a turnkey solution, a single-axis control or a winch with top-grade performance, our products are reliable, sturdy and can be completely customized.
Movecat Solution Partner - Creative Systems Srl

Thanks to our agreement with Movecat, world leader in show and entertainment automation, we can provide constant direct highly specialized support for the management, programming and integration of the Movecat I-Motion control system in both custom and off-the-shelf stage machinery and apparatus.
An exclusive unique service you can only find with us!

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We develop your projects along with you

The Creative Systems team can count on years of experience working on the most prestigious events. Thanks to our in-house R&D department, we are able to meet your all-round requirements!
A team made up of engineers, designers and specialized technicians: know-how that enables us to propose, develop and realize dedicated machinery and technical stage set-ups.
We construct, sell and rent stage machinery and movement systems that are reliable, safe and ensure top-grade performance: we’re the ideal partners to entrust with developing your show and making it unique.
Thanks to our R&D department and our on-going search for innovative technology and solutions, we ensure our clients the most modern cutting-edge technology in the stage automation sector.
Reliability and Safety
When considering movement and overhead loads, "safety" and "reliability" must never be left out of consideration, and they have always been fundamental elements of our work, in which we place great intrinsic value.
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Creative Systems, all-round technical service

Whether it’s a single event, a tour production, a musical or a permanent installation, our Team handles the development of effective reliable systems for you, implementing the best technology available.
Progettazione macchine teatro automazioni Creative Systems Srl

Design and construction

Stage machinery
Lifting systems

Construction of machinery, automation, advanced technological and technical stage solutions for the Professional Entertainment sector.
Our team of engineers and designers is also at your disposal for the customization and integration of off-the-shelf machinery and systems.


Stage machinery
Lifting systems

We have a wide stock of automation, stage machinery and lifting systems, performer flying systems, 2D and 3D aerial movement rigs, automatic trap doors, variable speed chain hoists and winches, turntables, mobile platforms, wagons, tracks, pop-up toaster lifts, treadmills, floors with built-in machinery and much more.

Giudizio Universale Roma - Direzione Tecnica by Creative Systems Srl

Technical Management

Events, Concerts, Theatre
Musicals, Cinema, TV
Permanent installations

We handle all the technical aspects of your events, from the preparation of the specifications to the respect of their budgets, to the design phases and those of move-in and set-up. We assist the Designers and Artistes throughout the entire process, from the initial conception phases through to installation, playing a fundamental coordinating role between Production and technical departments.